What we do

When you’re ready to wonder,
we’re ready to make it.

What we do

When you’re ready to wonder,
we’re ready to make it.

Our in-house team of experience designers, technologists, developers and producers live to reinvent the ordinary.

Leverage our toolbox of services and technologies to make something incredible – whether it’s bringing your idea to reality or innovating something new together.

Experience Design

Custom Solutions

Let us help design and build a brand experience like no other for you. From user experience to technology design, we develop concepts to transform thinking.

  • Creative concepting
  • User experiences and interfaces
  • Industrial design
  • Prototypes and wireframes
  • Product structure and strategy
  • Activation and event design

Technology Integration

Custom Solutions

We specialize in the integration of a wide variety of hardware, software and interactive elements into small or large scale physical structures and environments.

  • Exhibits, events and venues
  • Full A/V design and services
  • Interactive software and hardware
  • Multimedia experiences
  • Mechatronics and robotics
  • Lighting design & visualization
  • Electronics design & certification
  • Creative technology design

Interactive Production

Custom Solutions

Our interactive and multimedia experts create the code and experience to boost engagement and insights and connect it all to our digital, physical and hybrid builds.

  • Websites and applications
  • Gamification
  • AR/VR/mixed reality
  • AI and machine learning
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Realtime data visualization
  • Photo and video experiences
  • Immersive environments

Innovation Consulting

Custom Solutions

Need some guidance on how to solve a problem through our unique experience and perspective? Not sure if a concept or idea is feasible? Engage our minds anytime.

  • Research and development
  • Creative discovery and feasibility
  • Brand inventions / product design
  • Proof-of-concept / rapid prototypes

Fabrication & Installations

Custom Solutions

Our full-service fabrication team builds and installs the physical structures and environments for our creations and ensures flawless logistics and support.

  • Logistics and shipping
  • Installation and support
  • CNC, 3D and full service printing

Products & Platforms

Custom Solutions

We’ve invented and refined a few different turnkey solutions that are faster to deploy, but have the flexibility to be customized to fit your requirements and objectives.

xVend Solutions

Experiential Vending

Get fully-customizable, rewarding interactions that deliver smart brand engagement and instant ROI.

xPass Solutions

Our flexible RFID event platform

Our custom RFID event solutions allow for frictionless engagement at events, festivals, conferences – anywhere you want real-time data on the actions of your guests.